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Rylee Birdsall

Rylee Birdsall

Hometown: Santa Maria, CA

School: I graduated in 2016, but now I'm currently a grad student at Cal Poly!

Major: For undergrad, I was Environmental Sciences, but now I'm majoring in Education for my graduate degree!

Career Goal: To be a teacher that students look forward to seeing every day.

Fun Fact: I play rugby for Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo and I love to travel.

Danny Diaz

Danny Diaz

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

School: Undergrad at California State University of Sacramento, Single Subject Teaching Credential Candidate at Cal Poly SLO

Major: Kinesiology

Career Goal: High School Biology Teacher

Fun Fact: I played tennis in college

Melissa Giddens

Melissa Giddens

Hometown: San Jose, CA

School: I graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2017.

Major: Bachelor's of Science in Psychology and minor in Communication Studies

Career Goal: To continue helping students achieve their college and career goals!

Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Costa Rica, where I bungee jumped over the rain forest.

Jeff Heath

Jeff Heath

Hometown: BakersField, CA

School: Undergrad Cal Poly 1996

Major: Kinesiology

Career Goal: I would like to teach science

Fun Fact: I taught English as a second language in Korea

Maria Ramirez

Maria Ramirez

Hometown: Santa Maria, CA

School: Cal Poly SLO, class of 2017

Major: Mathematics

Career Goal: Become a high school math teacher (which I will be at SLO High School next year!)

Fun Fact: I am the shortest cousin on both sides of my family (I'm 5'0").

Samantha Vallez

Samantha Vallez

Hometown: San Diego, CA

School: Graduated from Cal Poly in 2017!

Major: History

Career Goal: History Teacher

Fun Fact: I can sail a 22 foot boat and a catamaran by myself!

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Teaching assistants

Gavin Chan

Gavin Chan

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

School: I am a third year at Cal Poly!

Major: Liberal Studies

Career Goal: I want to become an Elementary School Teacher

Fun Fact: I am an Eagle Scout!

Edgar Jimenez

Edgar Jimenez

Kaili Kott

Kaili Kott

Hometown: Laguna Niguel, CA

School: Cal Poly, Class of 2019

Major: Environmental Earth and Soil Sciences

Career Goal: Education or research

Fun Fact: My name is pronounced “Kylie.”

Bryan Telleria

Bryan Telleria

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Residential Staff

Steve Ross

Steve Ross

BAEC Coordinator

Hometown: Sacramento, Ca

School: B.A from Chico State - 2011, M.A. from University of Denver - 2013

Major: Undergrad - Psychology, Grad - Higher Education

Career Goal: University President

Fun Fact: I'm starting my Ed.D program in Higher Education Leadership this summer!

Tricia Bucolo

Tricia Bucolo

Hometown: Kennesaw, GA

School: I am a fourth year at Cal Poly!

Major: Wine and Viticulture

Career Goal: To eventually be a vineyard consultant or be in grower relations. 

Fun Fact: My mother was in Upward Bound at Humboldt State when she was in high school!​

Laura Jagels

Laura Jagels

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

School: I'm a 4th year, and I will be graduating in June of 2018.

Major: Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on energy generation.

Career Goal: To establish a carbon neutral grid in California.

Fun Fact: I ride a motorcycle!

Ayslyn Leslie

Ayslyn (Aysie) Leslie

Hometown: Nipomo, CA

School: Junior at Brandman University

Major: Multiple Subjects Teaching in Elementary Schools

Career Goal: Elementary School Teacher

Fun Fact: I'm a military brat and I've lived all around the world!

Nicole Poplin-dille

Nicole Poplin-Dille

Hometown: Fresno, CA

School: I will be graduating from Cal Poly this Spring!

Major: Spanish; Linguistics Minor

Career Goal: I want to become a speech therapist.

Fun Fact: I performed in Carnegie Hall!

Elijah Sobrien

Elijah Sobrien

Hometown: Bakersfield, CA

School: Second Year at Cal Poly, graduating in 2020

Major: Math, planning to switch to Modern Languages and Literature

Career Goal: Work for the government in the intelligence field as a translator/interpreter 

Fun Fact: I spent 6 weeks volunteering in Indonesia this summer.

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