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Tutoring Resources

School Site Tutoring (School Staff)

Nipomo High School

Day/Time Location Contact Other Details

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 3-5pm


Counseling Office


Dinner is provided to all students for free at 5pm and transportation to local stops is provided at 5:15pm

Ernest Righetti High School

Day/Time Location Contact Other Details

Monday-Thursday from 3-6pm



Mrs. Rotondi (805)937-2051 ext. 2707 Late 6 pm bus to Guadalupe available

Santa Maria High School

Day/Time Location Contact Other Details

Monday-Thursday from





Subject Areas: English, Science, Math. Bilingual tutors also available

Pioneer Valley High School

Day/Time Location Contact Other Details

Monday-Thursday from



Karine Perez


ext. 5708

All subjects available with Mr. Hansen. Peer Tutors also available


Outside Tutoring Resources

Khan Academy Academic Program - The Khan Academy program is an online educational service that has partnered with The College Board (providers of the PSAT and SAT) to provide over 100,000 interactive exercises in a multitude of subjects. UB students are able to use the Khan Academy for tutoring and learning experiences at their own pace, at school, in After-school Sessions, and during their free time at home. After signing up for a free Khan Academy account at, students must go to the "Profile" tab and add as their coach. This allows the UB team to follow the students’ progress through all Khan courses. This information will be used within their Student Education Plan

Harvey Mudd Homework Helpline - The Harvey Mudd College Homework Hotline is an over-the-phone, mathematics and science tutoring service for students in grades 4 through 12. Both the phone call and the tutoring are free to all student callers. A homework hotline tutor will assist the student caller with guiding questions and encourage the student to be an active participant in his/her learning. The tutor will use the student’s prior knowledge and encourage the student to use all available resources first. The tutor will also invite the student to write down procedural steps in his/her own words to help the student solve similar problems on his/her own. The goal of the tutor is to help the student caller with one homework question, and then encourage the student to try solving similar problems on his/her own. The student caller is invited to call the Homework Hotline again if he or she gets stuck on another problem (similar or different to the current question). Open Sunday through Thursday, from 6 to 9 p.m. There are certain days of the academic year when we will be closed. These include national holidays and Harvey Mudd College semester breaks and finals week. (800) 827-5462 -

Cal-SOAP - The Central Coast Cal-SOAP Consortium was established in 2001 and serves students at all of our school sites. It is one of the largest outreach programs of its kind in California. Cal-SOAP provides tutors at all of our school sites, regularly. The tutor/peer advisors are college students who are often from backgrounds similar to those of the students and with whom the students can identify. These college tutors and peer advisors understand where the students are coming from and the challenges they experience. Tutors/peer advisors will meet with students in a classroom or college/career center and provide academic or advisement assistance. To find out when they are at a particular school, call the Cal-SOAP office based at Alan Hancock College at (805) 922-6966 x3710 -

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